Revealing Data That Matters

Capacitype map and data services help reveal vital resources for healthy communities.

Capacitype services are being used to collect and share resource data from all corners of the addiction field.

Addiction is a devastating illness. Part of this multifaceted problem is the profound misunderstanding and stigma surrounding addiction, which creates shame and reluctance to seek help. But another part of the problem is the difficulty in finding trusted information.

The Addiction Resource Hub is a national initiative from Facing Addiction with NCADD and Transforming Youth Recovery – both non-profit organizations dedicated to ending the addiction crisis in our country.

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Data API

Our team designs API data services aimed at helping organizations and communities collect and organize their most important resource information—in a reliable and trusted manner. The resources you want people to find are out there. We work with you to make sure people can access it in a helpful and useful manner.

Mapping & Visualization

Capacitype was developed to offer online tools for asset mapping—locating those people, places, and services that are enabling healthy communities. Our mapping teams can be deployed to uncover what is often hidden from every day view. When done, custom asset maps and data visualizations can help you connect those you serve with the right inventory of resources.

Community Consulting

We have a strong history of helping communities of people with their capacity building efforts. These efforts span from institutions to organizations to specific geographies—all seeking to improve the lives of those they serve and support. We help you identify your strengths, see gaps in systems, and build pathways toward a vibrant and well community.

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