Building capacity for pathways to recovery.

We are curating resource data from all communities to assist those seeking pathways to recovery.

Many challenges face those addressing mental health and substance use problems. There still exists a profound level of misunderstanding and shame when it comes time to ask for help and guidance.

The Recovery Resource Hub is a national initiative from Transforming Youth Recovery—a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of research-based recovery support services.

The resource hub application provides direct access to one of the largest database systems in the United States. Deployed in 2017, researchers rely on the database to help them collect and classify the diverse types of resources that can assist those seeking pathways to recovery.

National census activities are being undertaken to inform recovery science research and strengthen the continuity and coordination of care in all communities.

We are partnering with national associations to conduct national census activities aimed at enhancing resource data reporting. The goal is to strengthen public awareness and education on support programs and services available within communities and at educational institutions.

Of importance is our ability to view both national and local landscapes for care and support. This allows us to see the critically important points-of-entry for those looking to obtain personal well-being goals and join a legion of people in stable and rewarding recovery.

We invite program coordinators, administrators, healthcare professionals, and community-based organizations to actively participate and help advance the sophistication of data we are bridging to search engines and open applications.

We take an asset-based approach to help groups of people transform the pathway for a lifetime of wellness and recovery from addiction.