Communities, organizations, and groups can submit resources to assist those seeking pathways to recovery.

This is the big idea—getting everyone to map the programs, services, and groups that they and others are finding helpful and useful on a pathway to recovery and wellness. If everyone shares the resources in their community, it can make it easier for others to find the key to their recovery—across the country.

Add a missing resource

If you wish to submit a few resources, you can use the Map it application feature to add your resource information to the map.

A Data Team member will review your submission and notify you once your resources are published on the map. This email notification will include instructions on how you can update your resource if further changes are required.

Correct a resource record

You can use our lookup tool to review record details and request any changes or updates to published resources.

Begin by selecting review tool to lookup your organization, program, service, or group by name. You can use the form on the record review page to submit any necessary updates.

If no results are found, you will be invited to submit your resource for publication. A support team member will review your change request and notify you when updates have been completed.

We are interested in sharing resource data for publication to the Recovery Resource Hub.

If you have several resources or a resource inventory you wish to share, you can use the form below to contact us.

The Recovery Resource Hub is a publicly accessible web application. Any visitor can view and search resource maps. An account is required to create resource collections, add resources to map databases, and fully access all available application features.

In general, applications are developed to help people find and access care and support services within their communities. Please be aware that any information submitted and approved for resource map publication is subject to search engine (e.g. Google) queries. Protocols have been put in place to encourage site indexing on a daily basis to reflect any information which may be updated.

Submission of any personal contact or related information for publication should be done with this knowledge.

View our current application Privacy policy.